Friday, August 26, 2011


So Irene is literally my least favorite word right now. Because that refers to the hurricane that's going to hit the Boston area right as my plane is set to head out. I guess mother nature wants to keep me here in North Attleboro for just a little while longer. Guess there's nothing I can do at this point but wait and really hope the damage caused by this isn't as bad as they predict for everyone

Other than that my last few days have been simply a blur of trying to think of all the little things I need to do before departure! I even went through my info books API sent to make sure I'm remembering everything. I've also packed and repacked my suitcases a few time..just tryinggg to get everything I want over to Florence. I tend to forget that they do have stores there too...

Before leaving my mom decided to throw me a going away cookout! It was great to see family and friends and talk about all the experiences I'm about to have. I can't forget to mention all the delicious food involved too! I ate enough to last me a few days and it just reminded me about what great food I'm about to be able to feast upon. Here are a few pics from the cookout
Fruit salad bowl! yum

some Italian dishes!

Family (: Mom, Sister and Brother

I hope to be updating you soon from ITALY! Lets hope the weather allows for me to fly out sometime soon at least. Hope everyone's enjoying there last days of summer/first days at St.Mikes (: Enjoy every minute there I miss it so much already

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