Thursday, August 4, 2011

About me!

Hey Everyone!

My name is Shannon Moore and I am going into my junior year at a place I am proud to call my second home, Saint Michaels.

My first home is in a place called North Attleboro Massachusetts, a sports obsessed red and white filled town. Even though I had a great experience growing up there, it was a wonderful transition to move to the mountains, fresh air and calming aura of Vermont. Purple and gold are also much more appealing to wear.

My major is now formally named “Media Studies and Digital Arts” which is basically journalism upgraded, and my minor is marketing. I love every second of being in my classes for my major from the professors to the curriculum, because it’s actually stuff that interests me. I love to write, but trying to tell you about myself is very hard to do. I also love quotes, so if you see some thrown in every once and a while, just embrace them.

At St. Mike’s I am a member of the women’s rugby team, the DREAM program and also other programs through MOVE. I’ve also served as a tour guide and a contributing editor for The Defender. The opportunities to get involved are endless and I feel like there’s never a time when I am bored up at school which is also probably the reason it seems to be going by so quickly.

This summer I am interning in Providence, RI at Mahr Federal as their marketing intern. We work alongside customers and potential customers, and run press releases and promotions. The company itself works in the metrology and calibration services business (less complicated than it seems) but the job is great, and my boss is truly surprised at how much I am able to do with my education from St. Mikes, only having finished 2 years. Working on the computer throughout the day, I have also become obsessed with reading the news during free time, something instilled in me at St. Mikes. However, it’s also partly because Facebook is blocked by the server.

I love every day spent in Vermont, but this fall I am heading to Florence, Italy to study abroad. I feel like I can learn so much not only education wise but about myself and the world from this experience and I can’t wait to take it all in.
I’ll keep you updated on my experiences overseas, but feel free to contact me with any questions about anything I do up at St. Mikes or Italy. Best of luck to everyone fall semester and see you in January!

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