Wednesday, August 10, 2011

18 days and 4 hours!

So, 18 days and 4 hours until the flight leaves..not that I have the exact countdown or anything. But really though it's finally almost here after months of planning and applying and looking into schools abroad, I am finally on the last stretch of my summer.

In a way I feel just like I did freshman year before heading to Saint Mikes. I just got the housing lists for Florence in the mail, and was able to see my roommates names as well as where I will be staying. After looking it up on google and google images it's safe to say I am living in what I believe to be one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. Dispite seeing it for myself I've watched it on TV on Jersey shore as well as heard everyone that's been there say it's just so beautiful. It makes this wait seem even longer.

My roommate in the apartment is from Champlain College in Vermont! Which is pretty neat because when we return from Italy we will still be able to see eachother and we'll have something in common when we get there, which is a love for Vermont and the ability to talk about Church Street and the whole area.

My friend from Saint Michaels, Fallon is also in the same apartment building as me! Which is awesome having someone to relate with right away. So basically it's a Vermont apartment building, and I cannot wait to move in. I'm also on the first floor, which makes me less hesitant about what I'm packing because I won't have to lug it up four flights of stairs like I've had to do the past 2 years at Saint Mikes.

But here's a few pointers I have about going abroad
-Look into all different schools and countries, I originally was going to go to Ireland then Australia but it just felt right when I stumbled across my school in Italy, so you never truly know where the perfect fit will be
-Use the resources you have like the study abroad office, your advisor and your program advisor. They really do help
-Read ALL the information you recieve don't skip over anything because the advice they give is so helpful and makes you realize things you never would have even thought of
-Organize your visa information early, get started right away and make sure to check out the Visa website for your area which is often on your programs site because the list of paperwork you need to bring to apply is really specific and you can find yourself going to the Visa office more than once if you don't really prepare...( I've been 3 times...)
-Google image where you're going! Also look up culture facts and hints. Everyday I've been looking at images of Florence just to mentally prepare myself and realize it's going to be a very different lifestyle
-And if youre going somewhere with a different language, brush up on it! It will help even if you know just some of the basic words for when you land in the airport

Well, time to get back to work but I'll keep you updated on my Italy experience as it happens!

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