Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Departure Day!

It has finally arrived! At 6:20 tonight I will board a plane and head out to Ireland, then England then finally FLORENCE! Its been a long three days trying to book this so I'm so excited it's finally here. My bags are backed and I've said all my goodbyes. Now it's time to embark on my journey that I've been longing for. I'll update as soon as I'm settled in and caught up and sleep...but hope you're enjoying your time up at St.Mikes (:

Friday, August 26, 2011


So Irene is literally my least favorite word right now. Because that refers to the hurricane that's going to hit the Boston area right as my plane is set to head out. I guess mother nature wants to keep me here in North Attleboro for just a little while longer. Guess there's nothing I can do at this point but wait and really hope the damage caused by this isn't as bad as they predict for everyone

Other than that my last few days have been simply a blur of trying to think of all the little things I need to do before departure! I even went through my info books API sent to make sure I'm remembering everything. I've also packed and repacked my suitcases a few time..just tryinggg to get everything I want over to Florence. I tend to forget that they do have stores there too...

Before leaving my mom decided to throw me a going away cookout! It was great to see family and friends and talk about all the experiences I'm about to have. I can't forget to mention all the delicious food involved too! I ate enough to last me a few days and it just reminded me about what great food I'm about to be able to feast upon. Here are a few pics from the cookout
Fruit salad bowl! yum

some Italian dishes!

Family (: Mom, Sister and Brother

I hope to be updating you soon from ITALY! Lets hope the weather allows for me to fly out sometime soon at least. Hope everyone's enjoying there last days of summer/first days at St.Mikes (: Enjoy every minute there I miss it so much already

Saturday, August 20, 2011

So, this was the quote that was attached to the original folder I received from my program, API. I love this quote and leave it sitting next to my computer so I read it everyday. I think it's so true and can't believe in a week from now I will be heading to Italy!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

18 days and 4 hours!

So, 18 days and 4 hours until the flight leaves..not that I have the exact countdown or anything. But really though it's finally almost here after months of planning and applying and looking into schools abroad, I am finally on the last stretch of my summer.

In a way I feel just like I did freshman year before heading to Saint Mikes. I just got the housing lists for Florence in the mail, and was able to see my roommates names as well as where I will be staying. After looking it up on google and google images it's safe to say I am living in what I believe to be one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. Dispite seeing it for myself I've watched it on TV on Jersey shore as well as heard everyone that's been there say it's just so beautiful. It makes this wait seem even longer.

My roommate in the apartment is from Champlain College in Vermont! Which is pretty neat because when we return from Italy we will still be able to see eachother and we'll have something in common when we get there, which is a love for Vermont and the ability to talk about Church Street and the whole area.

My friend from Saint Michaels, Fallon is also in the same apartment building as me! Which is awesome having someone to relate with right away. So basically it's a Vermont apartment building, and I cannot wait to move in. I'm also on the first floor, which makes me less hesitant about what I'm packing because I won't have to lug it up four flights of stairs like I've had to do the past 2 years at Saint Mikes.

But here's a few pointers I have about going abroad
-Look into all different schools and countries, I originally was going to go to Ireland then Australia but it just felt right when I stumbled across my school in Italy, so you never truly know where the perfect fit will be
-Use the resources you have like the study abroad office, your advisor and your program advisor. They really do help
-Read ALL the information you recieve don't skip over anything because the advice they give is so helpful and makes you realize things you never would have even thought of
-Organize your visa information early, get started right away and make sure to check out the Visa website for your area which is often on your programs site because the list of paperwork you need to bring to apply is really specific and you can find yourself going to the Visa office more than once if you don't really prepare...( I've been 3 times...)
-Google image where you're going! Also look up culture facts and hints. Everyday I've been looking at images of Florence just to mentally prepare myself and realize it's going to be a very different lifestyle
-And if youre going somewhere with a different language, brush up on it! It will help even if you know just some of the basic words for when you land in the airport

Well, time to get back to work but I'll keep you updated on my Italy experience as it happens!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Why Study Abroad

On August 28, 2011 I will board a plane at Logan Airport and head out on my journey. First stopping in Dublin, Ireland I will then make my way to the city I am about to call home for four months of my life, Florence, Italy.

When asked why I am going abroad it's hard to come up with answers other than the obvious; immerse myself in a new country and of course try all the delicious Italian food, but thinking deeper, there are more reasons than that.

First off, four months is a long time to spend in a country you don't speak the language, you don't know anyone and you especially don't know your way around. Therefore it places you way outside of your comfort zone. Even though this scares me it also excites me because when you are placed out of your comfort zone is when you really start to realize more about yourself and grow as a person.

Second, I've never been to Europe and what better way to see it than living there! The program I'm in even gives a two week break in October, so hello travel and not to mention I only have classes Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. So basically every weekend is a four day weekend and a chance to explore Florence as well as the rest of Italy and Europe.

Lastly, having lived in Massachusetts and Vermont for most of the entirety of my life I haven't been exposed to a lot of foreign culture. The rich history and art of Italy intrigue me as well as the language and food so it's a perfect opportunity to experience it. And when else is it going to be this easy to pick up my life and move to Italy for four months? Probably not for a long time.

And of course, how could I not mention the Jersey Shore. The cast just spent four months living in Italy filming a season and let's be honest, if they can do it, it gives me a little confidence I'll be just fine.

So that's why I'm going to Florence, Italy in case you were wondering and I can't wait to keep you updated on my explorations and experiences. I'll update you soon!


About me!

Hey Everyone!

My name is Shannon Moore and I am going into my junior year at a place I am proud to call my second home, Saint Michaels.

My first home is in a place called North Attleboro Massachusetts, a sports obsessed red and white filled town. Even though I had a great experience growing up there, it was a wonderful transition to move to the mountains, fresh air and calming aura of Vermont. Purple and gold are also much more appealing to wear.

My major is now formally named “Media Studies and Digital Arts” which is basically journalism upgraded, and my minor is marketing. I love every second of being in my classes for my major from the professors to the curriculum, because it’s actually stuff that interests me. I love to write, but trying to tell you about myself is very hard to do. I also love quotes, so if you see some thrown in every once and a while, just embrace them.

At St. Mike’s I am a member of the women’s rugby team, the DREAM program and also other programs through MOVE. I’ve also served as a tour guide and a contributing editor for The Defender. The opportunities to get involved are endless and I feel like there’s never a time when I am bored up at school which is also probably the reason it seems to be going by so quickly.

This summer I am interning in Providence, RI at Mahr Federal as their marketing intern. We work alongside customers and potential customers, and run press releases and promotions. The company itself works in the metrology and calibration services business (less complicated than it seems) but the job is great, and my boss is truly surprised at how much I am able to do with my education from St. Mikes, only having finished 2 years. Working on the computer throughout the day, I have also become obsessed with reading the news during free time, something instilled in me at St. Mikes. However, it’s also partly because Facebook is blocked by the server.

I love every day spent in Vermont, but this fall I am heading to Florence, Italy to study abroad. I feel like I can learn so much not only education wise but about myself and the world from this experience and I can’t wait to take it all in.
I’ll keep you updated on my experiences overseas, but feel free to contact me with any questions about anything I do up at St. Mikes or Italy. Best of luck to everyone fall semester and see you in January!