Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pisa was great! We saw the leaning tower and took the pictures with the tower making it look like we were holding it up, classic tourist pic. But then we learned all about the history and why its leaning which is because of the way the soil is and all about how they had to make it safe to go in and everything. It was really interesting. Then we stayed at a hotel with the group my friends and I got to experience an Italian wedding! That was really neat. On Sunday we went to Cinque Terre which is five different towns along the coast and the houses literally sit on the edge of the hills and its beautiful but also puzzling how that works. It did take my breath away at each corner though. On a completely random side note, the gelato here it to die for. I get it pretty much everyday and have become so obsessed with trying new flavors and they even let you sample them and get two at a time. It's my absolute favorite addition to the food, which I must say has completely changed my opinion on pasta and pizza. Every dish here is amazing!

This weekend my friends and I are heading to the french Riviera! We're going to sit on the beaches in Nice and go to Monte Carlo at night. I'm really excited and excited to see more beautiful places. I'll let you know how that goes (:

                                                              Where we're heading this weekend!

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