Monday, September 5, 2011


This city has absolutely taken my breath away. Each corner I turn there is another beautiful sight and its hard to decide what to take pictures of. So far, I arrived Saturday due to flight issues, went out on the town with all my roommates that night and then Sunday had orientation activities such as dinner on the roof of a hotel overlooking all of Florence. SO basically its all been magical. Classes started today which reminded me that i'm not just here to observe the beauty. I only had one class Italian, and it will definitely be difficult but extremely usefull for just everyday life. The residents here love when you try to speak Italian and often will correct or help you speak it because they respect your effort. So far I've mastered hello, thank you, good morning and nice to meet you. It's a start I guess...but this is definitely a challenge. Below are just a few pictures of what I've captured so far, but I'll keep you updated with new pictures and all my experiences!

Architecture down the street!

Ceiling of my bedroom...babies dancing with wine

The most beautiful thing I've ever seen, the Duomo

Ceiling of the hotel we ate dinner at

Florence at night (:

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