Sunday, September 25, 2011

Monte Carlo was gorgeous! We were there when they were starting to set up for the annual yacht festival which was neat to see how big and exquisite those can actually get. our tour guide also told us that just to open a bank account in Monte Carlo you need at least a million you can only imagine how beautiful it was. We also saw the royal palace and then visited Grace Kelley's grave, which was really neat to see. We then stayed in Nice which had nice beaches and gave us a little taste of the French Culture with delicious crepes every morning. Here are some pictures of the views we saw!  

The other night i also went to a football match (soccer) which is a very common Italian night out. It was really exciting and fun to see how into the sport everyone is here and it was great to just be in the atmosphere of a sporting event. Below is the view of some of the stands from our seats! 

This past weekend we stayed in Florence and explored. We went to the Medici palace, which used to be the home to one of the founding families of Florence. It was breathtakingly beautiful with all the exquisite details and art work. Even the backyard was amazing with numerous gardens. It was neat to see how long Italy's been around too, a lot of the art work there dates back to the sixteen hundreds! It was great and I'll keep you posted with more (:

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